The Gallery

CANADIAN ARCTIC GALLERY was founded in 1999 with the goal of promoting  ‘Contemporary Inuit Art from Canada’ in Switzerland and Europe. We have been captivated by the beauty of the lean formline and the strength of the expression of each artwork emerging from the mythic stories. Coming from a different culture but with partly similar approaches First Nations Art has been integrated a few years later. Inuit as well as First Nations have been living off the land for centuries. Deeply rooted in their traditions, you can’t explain the feeling that the art evokes, but – being open to it – it will catch you the moment you enter its sphere.

After 15 years in  the heart of Basel we moved our gallery space to the countryside. One spot in the area of Basel and one in the Swiss Alps in Klosters / Davos. Sculptures, Prints, Baskets, Wallhangings and Tapestries are shown. An excuisite assortment of Jewellery, Books, Cards, Calendars tops the choice of products. In addition to a comprehensive consulting service at our location or at your home, we also offer lectures, guidance in cataloguing and appraisals.

The gallery is specializing in only the highest quality works of Inuit and First Nations Art by internationally renowned artists as well as emerging artists. Artworks made by artists, that we carry, can be found both in the most important Canadian museums and internationally known collections.